Matthew McConaughey Promises World's Hottest Male Revue In 'Magic Mike'

Ladies, do you know that the most magical day of the year is just 109 days away? I'm talking about June 29, of course, the release date of my most-anticipated movie this year: "Magic Mike." And not to narrow down the group of excited individuals to just one gender, but come on, this movie is for us. Actor-executive producer Channing Tatum can talk all he wants about the male stripper film being for everyone, but I know better.

When MTV News caught up with Channing's co-star Matthew McConaughey recently at the SXSW premiere of "Killer Joe," we asked him to tease a little about who his character, nightclub owner/male revue ringleader Dallas, really is.

"Well, I run the hottest male revue in America, if not the globe," he said of Dallas. "And we are going to simulcast around not only the globe, but the universe, and become the hottest male revue in the universe."

Big talk! But when we asked Matthew which of his dance routines is his favorite, the star kept his lips zipped not wanting to spoil the many surprises in store.

"You gotta go see it!" he said with a wink.

Fair enough, Matthew. Fair enough. It's not like I'm not going to see this movie multiple times. Regardless, we do already know a few details about the film's dance numbers, particularly one "sick" routine performed by Channing to Ginuwine's "Pony," as well as a "Fourth of July"-themed dance teased via the first official photo released not too long ago. We just have to wait three months and 17 days to see everything and everyone in its finished, full-length glory.

Whose striptease are you most excited to see in "Magic Mike?" Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!