Jessica Biel Gives Us A Glimpse Of Her Engagement Ring


...Is, y'know, what we assume Jessica Biel is now saying every time she invites guests to her house, because we've finally got a visual confirmation on her brand-new-ish engagement ring from fiance Justin Timberlake, and it is a monster. The actress stepped out yesterday for an afternoon date with Justin and another couple, providing the first-ever sighting of her diamond in the wild. (And, of course, firmly breaking the hearts of any fans who'd been hoping that the lack of bling-based evidence of her engagement meant it was all just a big fat hoax. Sorry, guys!)

Ring Photo: Splash News

This photo isn't the best, but you can clearly see one giant square-cut diamond (anyone want to guess how much that mother weighs? We're thinking, like, five pounds) in a maybe-pave-sort-of setting—could Justin be a devotee of classic deco style? And blurry or not, it's a kick to finally get even a peek at Jessica's jewels, since this is the first chance we've had to see the custom-made ring since she and JT became engaged over the holidays. But don't be expecting more wedding news anytime soon; the two haven't announced a date yet, and considering that they keep their relationship pretty private, there's a good chance the media won't be invited to peep the famous pair's prenuptial preparations.

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