'Friends With Kids' Stars Adam Scott, Megan Fox Take On 'Yes/No' Show

Attention, fans of one-word responses and famous people making deer-in-headlights faces! Get ready to be super-excited, because it's the triumphant return of the "Yes/No Show"! MTV News' Josh Horowitz once again sat down with a pair of friendly celebs to get their diminutive answers to questions both serious and silly —and this time, it was "Friends With Kids" stars Megan Fox and Adam Scott who turned up to get quizzed.

So, how'd it play out when our guests had to keep it short and sweet? Adam got off to a slow start and needed the rules re-explained a few times, but then he was off and running—confessing to murder, pretentiousness and a serious case of mustache envy. (Us too, dude.)

And Megan...well, despite initial enthusiasm at being a part of our "Yes/No" programming, at first it seemed like the actress just really wasn't taking the Journey of Freewheeling Fun that the show requires and was playing it totally straight: a defensive "yes" to questions about the plot of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" and her ability to tell the Olsen twins apart, while answering in the negative when it came to inquires about sexting and her secret identity (even though we have it on good authority that the name on her birth certificate is totally Edith P. Fartsburg, Junior.) But we knew she couldn't be serious when she admitted that she'd happily sacrifice one of her co-star's hands for access to an unlimited lifetime supply of mozzarella sticks....or was she?! We may never know.

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