New 'Hunger Games' Clip: Katniss Makes Cinna's Acquaintance

Lenny KravitzIt's another long, dull day in the countdown to "The Hunger Games" premiere—and ordinarily, we'd have spent it in the usual way (playing with our Effie Trinket paper dolls and chewing our fingernails into soggy, ragged little nubs). But thanks to the generous buzz machine at Lionsgate, rabid fans can spend today enjoying a brand new clip from the film debuted on Yahoo! Movies!

The studio is still holding back any hint of the bloody happenings in the Arena, but they're being delightfully un-shy about letting us see just about everything else—including this tense scene depicting Katniss' first, fateful meeting with stylist Cinna. And just in case you thought this was going to be a brainless blockbuster with zero emotional punch, check out the serious acting going on in this piece. Jennifer Lawrence? Killing it with the hopelessness. Lenny Kravitz? Killing it with the understated subversiveness (and, hopefully, leaving no doubts at all in the minds of wary fans as to whether he's right for the role).

What else might we get to see before "The Hunger Games" hits theaters? With just about two weeks left until the premiere—and with Lionsgate being remarkably giving with the sneak peekery—it's possible we might have another clip to chew on before the big day. But if they don't make with the goods, there's always our calendar of planned pre-"Hunger Games" activities to fill the hours.

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