The Muppets Take Panem In A 'Hunger Games' Tribute Trailer

If you thought there was no possible way for the fuzzy, fun-loving Muppets to get on board with the glut of "The Hunger Games" tie-ins...well, obviously you haven't met many Muppets. They're an ambitious bunch—and seriously, as if the publicity-hungry Miss Piggy would miss out on the biggest promotional trend of the year! And today on the Yahoo! movies site, the Muppets are indeed front, center and taking the Capitol by storm with their very own "Hunger Games" mash-up trailer for "The Muppets"—complete with a Muppet Mockingjay motif title screen. (Muppetjay? Mockingmuppet? Whatever: point is, it's on fire.)

"Hunger Games" fans who've been watching the trailer on a continuous loop over the past several weeks—and we've all been doing it, okay, so don't deny it—will no doubt recognize bits of audio from the full-length trailer, as well as Kermit the Frog parroting Gale's iconic line about the audience just wanting a good show.

The bad news: The similarities pretty much end there, which means no Muppet-on-Muppet gladiator battles and no acidic commentary on the arena action from those two old coots in the balcony (although Miss Piggy's tweed suit looks like something Effie Trinket might like to borrow.) But still, it's nice to see that the always-savvy Muppets are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the nation's pop-culture obsessions.

I mean, if Muppets have fingers. Which I'm not sure they do.

"The Muppets" hits Blu-ray and DVD March 20.

What did you think of the Muppet tribute to "The Hunger Games" movie?