'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Eye Of The Beholder'

Pretty Little LiarsWhen last we left our "Pretty Little Liars," they were loitering outside the creepiest little doll hospital you've ever seen. Until a rather comely gentleman mistook Aria for Ali's alter ego Vivian Darkbloom. Turns out, the boy was an acquaintance of Vivian's (name: Duncan Albert), whom she met at a bookstore around the corner in Brookhaven. Aria agreed to meet Duncan at the school later to chat about Vivian, who he knew was actually named Ali and who he knew much better than he'd led on. Apparently, they spent quite a bit of time together in the months leading up to Ali's murder. In fact, he even saw her the weekend of her death.

But in even bigger news, Toby not-so-triumphantly returned to Rosewood to drive Miss Jenna following her surgery (only one eye to start!). Spencer was pretty taken aback to see Toby, telling him that she'd been thinking a lot about their relationship lately. "Isn't it a little late for that?" he asked. Harsh. But pretty understandable.

Back in Arialand, the little liar agreed to meet Duncan again, this time at his and Ali's favorite spot. (Anyone else confused why she spent more time with this guy than Ezra last night?) Apparently Ali had a hidden taste for aeronautics because Duncan's directions led Aria straight to an airfield. Where—you guessed it!—Duncan insisted on taking her up for a flight in the smallest plane you've ever seen. Aria, honey, this is the tough-love portion of this recap. How dumb do you have to be to get into an airplane maned by a strange teenage boy you don't know? Think about it! Thankfully she made it back to solid ground safely with a new bit of intel to boot: Ali had Duncan fly her from Hilton Head to a field outside of Philadelphia the morning of her murder, meaning that a number of her early hours that day were unaccounted for. What was she up to?

Meanwhile, Jason asked the girls to look through a bag of Ali's things that had been stuffed away in the attic, but when the liars sifted through her belongings, all they found was a bunch of kid stuff, including a musical jewelry box. It was only after Spencer dropped the bag back at Jason's that she realized the newsprint wrapping had been highlighted with clues. So off went Hanna to retrieve the pack but, um, Jason's house was on fire! With Jenna stuck inside! Hanna rescued her nemesis just in time before the entire front half of the house exploded. We came to find out that someone (ahem, A?) posed as Jason and sent a text to Jenna to meet at Jason's—all but ensuring her death until Hanna intervened.

Spencer got a shard of glass stuck in her palm during the whole ordeal—a perfect opportunity for a little face time with our favorite hunky M.D. Wren told her that, professionally speaking, she had a very complicated life, to which Spence agreed but said she'd never undo anything that had happened between them. Sorry, Spencer-Toby shippers, I'm solidly on Team Wren. Spencer also discovered a few things about her family, namely that her mother was the one who suggested hiring a detective to track Melissa. It's looking more and more likely that Spencer's sister had something to do with Ali's demise.

In other random plot lines that didn't seem to have too much impact on the episode as a whole, Emily received a text and email from Maya letting her know she was all right. Em initially kept the news to herself, but finally decided to let Mrs. St. Germain know her daughter was safe. For his part, Ezra got yet another visit from Ella to ensure that he hadn't misunderstood her; though she was open to a dialogue about Aria and Ezra's relationship, she did not approve. Far from it. I think we all get it now, Ella. Okay? Ezra decided not to accept the out-of-town job offer, and for good measure, he called Byron into his office to share the news. I couldn't agree with show runner I. Marlene King more: Ezra (finally) became a man last night. We've only been waiting two seasons for it to happen!

Only two weeks left until we find out A's identity! Who's your top candidate? Does Duncan add a new wrinkle to your theories? Is Melissa really a murderer? Do you think Jenna's eye surgery will be a success? Spill all your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!