'Now Is Good' Trailer: Dakota Fanning Compiles Her Bucket List

No matter how much they make us ugly cry, we just can't quit stories of young love lost. And the latest entry in the eyeball-drenching canon looks to be a doozie. The new trailer for the big-screen adaptation of Jenny Downham's "Before I Die" (given the slightly less dour movie title, "Now Is Good"), debuted on Yahoo! Movies and already has us reaching for the Kleenex.

The film stars Dakota Fanning as a 17-year-old with terminal cancer, who quits treatment to live out her final days the way she wants. At the top of her to-do list? Losing her virginity, and neighbor Adam (Jeremy Irvine, earning his one-time Hump Day Hottie title in spades) looks to be the top contender for the honor.

Sporting a close-cropped blond wig and affecting a very convincing English accent (at least to these Yankee ears), Dakota's putting her grown-up acting chops on full display here. Her Tessa is dying, yet she embraces adventure, sadness and hope equally. Bring on the tears.

"Now Is Good," which also stars Kaya Scodelario, opens later this year.

Will you be seeing "Now Is Good"? Are you excited to see Dakota tackling this role? (And what do you think of that English accent?) Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!