New 'Girls' Trailer Debuts: 3 Reasons We're Excited For The HBO Series

by Elizabeth Lancaster

Young ladies of New York City, rejoice! Homage is finally being paid to the trials and tribulations of the 20-something woman (not named Blair Waldorf or Carrie Bradshaw) finding her footing in this beast of a city. HBO’s new series "Girls" gets it, and isn't holding back with the raw and accurate portrayal of leading lady Hannah's (Lena Dunham) life. A new trailer for the show dropped today, highlighting women's common (yet perilous) struggles navigating jobs, dating, money, sex and finding a general sense of purpose.

Now that we have a pretty good sense about what to expect from the show, here's why you should be (and we are) excited about "Girls" (debuting later this year).

1. The protagonist

Everything we have learned so far about Hannah depicts her as one of the most relatable television characters to date. Her real body and subsequent self image are honest and understandable. Her emotions and expression of self-doubt are organic, creating a protagonist who is a real representation of our generation and not a projection of idealism.

2. The relationships

Finally, a show that sheds light on the real NYC dating scene. Hannah’s love interest is a scrawny kid that looks like someone you went to NYU with, not Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum. This kind of accuracy is needed.

3. The money struggles

Suffering through an unpaid internship is a staple of being young and trying to make it in many industries, but it is also painful and often times a deal breaker. Skipping meals and begging your parents for rent money are things Hannah does, and something we know many young ladies in Manhattan do too. There are glamorous jobs to be had here, but getting them is a climb that is often ignored.

Clearly, we can't wait to see what this show brings to the HBO table—and with Judd Apatow as an executive producer, we anticipate all of our expectations will be met with this quirky comedy.

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