New 'Hunger Games' Clip: Katniss Takes Aim At The Gamemakers

With less than a month til "The Hunger Games" hits theaters, even the most avid fans of the literary trilogy knew better than to hope for a sneak peek at the blood-and-guts Arena action of the actual Games themselves (hey, they've gotta hold something back to make sure we actually go see the movie!). But today, Lionsgate (via Facebook) did give us an early look at what might be the second-most-anticipated scene that fans have been waiting to see on screen: the pre-Games moment when Katniss proves her mettle by swiftly and brutally murdering... apple. (Oh, the humanity!)

In a scene that's taken straight from the pages of its literary counterpart, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) appears before the panel of judges to show off her gladiator skills, firing a perfectly placed arrow into the chest of a dummy enemy. But the bloated, fatuous judges aren't paying attention to anything but the dinner buffet—leading our heroine to pull a William-Tell-esque attention-getter of a stunt that makes everyone sit up and take notice. (Yeah, that's right, Seneca Crane. You'd better look scurred! And your little beard, too!)

The good news: The way this moment has been so loyally translated from book to movie bodes well for "The Hunger Games" staying faithful to its source material. Phew! But the bad news? With so little time left before March 23, chances are good that this will be the last really good tease we get from the studio before showtime. So enjoy it!

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