Taylor Swift Gets Animated Talking About Her 'Heavenly' Character In 'The Lorax'

Taylor Swift is no stranger to a recording studio, having spent a healthy portion of her teen years in an isolation booth laying down vocals for her many Grammy-winning hits. But for her upcoming animated feature, "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax," Taylor's had a very different (albeit enjoyable) experience with the mic.

"My favorite part about being a part of this movie is, well, it's a completely different space that you go to in your head," Taylor told MTV News recently. "Because you're in the studio, which I have done a lot, but it's very different when you sing songs you wrote, and you're trying to access those emotions that you felt when you wrote the song."

As madding as we imagine it'd be to have to recall, say, a Hollywood-type boy breaking your heart, in order to capture the right mood on a song, it'd probably be even more crazy-making having two-sided discussions with only yourself.

"You're sitting there in the booth having conversations with no one," Taylor continued. "There's no one there. We all recorded our parts in different places, so you're trying to come up with what the different characters would be saying back to you, anticipate their responses, how you would respond to that, how you would react. What people don't think about with character acting in the voice-over form, you're making a lot of sounds a lot of times." Taylor then demonstrated the incoherent grunts and exclamations, which we'll roughly equate as "eeeeoooohhhheee."

But it was all worth it for Taylor to depict a character she really connected with. "I really, really related to the character," she said. "I think she's heavenly. She's such a day-dreamer and cares about the past, which makes her so much different from everyone else in the society she lives in. No one in her society honors the past. They just think about right now, and they don't think about the future. They're just stuck in the moment, and to some degree you have to have a priority on the past and future."

Click play on the video above to hear more from Taylor on her "Lorax" character, including whether she can see any physical resemblances!

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