Kristen Stewart's 'On The Road' In New Movie Poster

On the RoadAfter months of silence and just a teensy handful of stills to tide us over, "On the Road" is finally making with the official materials: The movie's poster is now up on Facebook, along with new photos featuring Sam Riley (a.k.a. Sal Paradise, a.k.a. Jack Kerouac) and Garrett Hedlund (a.k.a. Dean Moriarty, a.k.a. Neal Cassidy) in their beatnik duds.

We've been watching closely for any news about this movie ever since Kristen Stewart snagged a major role in between her "Twilight" duties, and the latest pics to hit the web certainly confirm the on-the-road-ness of "On the Road"—considering that several of them appear to have actually been taken, y'know, on the road.

The only bummer: No new shots of KStew except a teensy one on the poster, where she appears between the two leading men in an evocative rear-view mirror motif. But the new images of Sam and Garrett in their slouchy, sweat-stained, late-1940s workmen's wardrobes are pretty great, as is the moody shot of Sam with a typewriter, a cigarette, and one intense expression as he writes...the script for the rest of the movie, maybe? (How meta!) And with no official release date yet confirmed, here's hoping the studio sees fit to give us a few more sneak peeks at "On the Road"—especially Viggo Mortensen as a drug-addled wildman with a penchant for robbing bathhouses.

Click on the full-size poster to see our entire "On the Road" flipbook!

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