'Hunger Games' EXCLUSIVE: Peek The Video Game Poster!

Happy Hunger Gaming! It's no news to Panem watchers that Lionsgate and developer Funtactix have teamed up to create a new Facebook-based social game called The Hunger Games Adventures. But what is fresh off the presses is your very first, EXCLUSIVE look at the game's poster! (Click after the jump to see the entire full-size one-sheet!)

The Hunger Games Adventures allows players to create their own avatars (we're already predicting scads of I<3Peeta and GaleRocks usernames) to embark on a Panem-wide mission, beginning in District 12 (where you may even rub shoulders with Katniss and the baker's son), unlocking portions of the official map as you go. Yes, that's right; this will be your first look at the official map of Panem. You know, just in case you're in the midst of planning your next dystopian holiday.

It's also worth noting that your avatar will not be entering the Arena in this gaming experience—all of the missions are brand new!

The game won't launch until the movie's official release, but you can visit the Web site now to sign up for the beta launch! (And, of course, the official Facebook page for more info.)

Are you excited for The Hunger Games Adventures? What do you think of the EXCLUSIVE poster? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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