Heads-Up, Panem: Advance Screenings Of 'Hunger Games' Are Coming To Your District

Are you a "Hunger Games" fan? Are you super-duper-psyched for "The Hunger Games" movie to come out? And are you so impatient over the OMG SO LONG wait until the film hits theaters that you're pretty sure you will actually die if you can't get in to see it before March 23?

Well, we've got good news! Some of you will, in fact, have the exclusive opportunity to see an advance screening of "The Hunger Games" in your very own city...that is, if you can impress your sponsors with your rabid fandom enough to win the privilege. Lionsgate has announced 24 screenings in 24 select cities—cities which will be determined based on the sheer volume of tweets you can generate on their behalf. (The bad news: If your city doesn't get selected, you'll just have to wait for the official release like everyone else...in which case, please try not to die.)

Here's how it works: Just as in "The Hunger Games," the country has been divided into 12 unique districts—each of which will host two screenings in the two cities that get the most votes. Check the map to find your district, then get ready to impress your sponsor with some loud-and-proud tweets using the #HungerGames24 hashtag associated with your closest available city. (Note: If you live in District 10, pay special attention... 'cause your sponsor is us! We expect to see some serious stanning on the Twitter, y'all.)

Locations will be unlocked between March 1 and 6—the perfect time to start getting the word out and showing some advance support—with the contest running until March 14. And once your city is confirmed, make sure you enter for a chance to win... because 24 lucky fans are going to score free tickets to see "The Hunger Games" at their city's screening.

Are you already tweeting for your advance "Hunger Games" screening?