'The Lorax' Star Taylor Swift Gushes Over Cat Meredith

Carrying a tiny dog in your designer handbag? PSH. That nonsense is so 2008. Now, the most trendsetting of Hollywood starlets know that the new big thing in celebrity pet ownership is all about redefining the meaning of "crazy cat lady"—and Taylor Swift, who recently added a feline family member to her household (and introduced her to fans in a series of seriously adorable videos on her YouTube account) is right there on the front lines. So of course, when we had the country star in for an interview to promote her upcoming movie "The Lorax," we had to ask: What's the scoop on Meredith the Cat?

Taylor started grinning as soon as the subject came up, giving us some backstory on the cat's origins: "She's a Scottish Fold, so she looks like an owl," she explained. "She's so awesome. She's such a good cat, she's just, like, a good cat. She's a good solid cat."

But lest you think that Taylor isn't so much redefining the notion of crazy cat lady-ness as succumbing to it, she was quick to point out that she hasn't crossed any weird lines when it comes to bringing her kitty cat out in public.

"I don't carry her in a purse or anything," she said. "I don't take her to restaurants. I'm not that kind of a cat owner."

Well, of course! Obviously not! Because that kind of cat owner doesn't even go to restaurants; she's too busy staying home with Mittens, Muffin and Mister Meowserpants and chowing down on Fancy Feast while watching "Antiques Roadshow."

Not that we would know anything about that.