Oscars 2012: Red Carpet Live Blog!

Hollywood's biggest night is finally here! (And no, we're not talking about free French fry night at In-N-Out.) It's the 2012 Oscars! And MTV News has you covered from beginning to end—from the star-studded red carpet outside the Kodak Theatre to the big show to the champagne-drenched after-parties.

We're kicking off the night with a mega-sized, two-and-a-half red-carpet live stream (don't worry; we packed plenty of granola bars and Gatorade) hosted by our own Josh Horowitz and Christina Garibaldi. They'll be talking with all of your favorite stars (oh please let Uggie be there...), getting all the scoop on how they're feeling going into the ceremony, what they're working on next and, of course, who they're wearing.

It all starts at 5 p.m. ET (so, like, now!). Click play on the video above to watch our entire pre-show and keep hitting refresh to read all of Hollywood Crush's totally witty commentary as we live blog the entire affair. In the words of our favorite directors: ACTION!

8:27 Well, gang, the red carpet is winding down. Thanks for hanging with us for the past few hours! We're going to turn you over to our BFFs at MTV Movies Blog who are live blogging the entire ceremony. Hollywood Crush out!

8:21 Red is definitely Natalie Portman's color.

8:12 So when is Brad Pitt getting a haircut? Just wondering...

8:10 We're getting so close...only 20 minutes!

8:05 Gwyneth Paltrow. Stunning.

8:03 Sexiest Man Alive Bradley Cooper doing a Christopher Walken impression. Made even creepier with that mustache.

8:01 Cameron Diaz looks so young and fresh with her short bob and Gucci gown.

8:00 Why yes, John Stamos, I will try Oikos yogurt. Even though I'm lactose intolerant. #OscarsCommercials #HunkHunkHunk

7:56 Does this mean Penelope Cruz will be a guest judge on "Project Runway"?

7:52 Jennifer Lopez does not age. Love the decolletage and plunging back she's sporting.

7:46 Michelle Williams and Busy Phillips are our favorite awards season couple.

7:43 No Academy Awards ceremony is complete without Colin Firth.

7:41 Tina Fey is ROCKING that bun.

7:35 Melissa McCarthy and her mom crying on the red carpet... Who doesn't love this woman?

7:34 Who's at the top of your best-dressed list so far?

7:30 That's a wrap on our red-carpet live stream, but we're live blogging until the ceremony starts, so stick close!

7:27 Rooney Mara on the possibility of "Dragon Tattoo" sequels: "I don't know anything. I hope we get to make the other two." Us too!

7:26 Emma Stone is a lady in red.

7:18 George Clooney on the Best Actor race: "Let's give it to Brad." The bromance continues.

7:17 We're still taking your questions; tweet to @MTVNews using the hash tag #Oscars.

7:14 For all you Pee-wee Herman fans, Judd Apatow says there is a script for the movie. So dust off your Cowboy Curtis action figures, guys.

7:06 "The carpet's turned into a crazy maelstrom." Look at you with the big words, Josh.

7:03 Oh, Pharrell, you're such a joker: "I'm bringing the water and refreshments for everyone."

7:00 Aw, here's Shailene. Her look sort of has a '60s vibe to it.

6:59 Jason Segel feels bad for the world that there will not be a Muppets performance tonight. Truer words, dude. Truer words.

6:57 Lovely Jessica up close and personal. (Click on the image below to browse our entire red-carpet flipbook!)

6:47 Rooney Mara's in white? Color us shocked.

6:45 Wendi McLendon-Covey on "Bridesmaids" sequel possibilities: "If someone came up with an idea that's just as good or better, we'd all be on board of course... Why do it just to do it?"

6:44 Ellie's in Armani Prive, in case you were wondering. We love it.

6:43 Ellie Kemper didn't eat ice cream all week to fit into her gown. It is rough being a celebrity!

6:40 God bless Kenneth Branagh for calling Josh Horowitz out on his usually, um, casual style.

6:37 Can we be best friends, Rose Byrne?

6:33 "The process has been really challenging in the best way. It's been really great." -Zachary Quinto on filming the "Star Trek" sequel. (BTW, did you see those leaked set pics?)

6:28 Everyone seems to be flipping over Jessica Chastain's gold gown. Are you a fan?

6:27 So even if George doesn't go home with an Oscar, he will have something shiny and bronzed to hug tonight. (What is that Stacy Keibler?)

6:24 George Clooney is close by! We thought we smelled hunk.

6:23 Shailene Woodley's in white too! What do you think of her studded frock?

6:18 ICYMI: Charlize Theron's iffy Oscars advice:

6:16 So mark your calendars guys, Josh Horowitz and Morgan Spurlock as Batman and Spider-Man on the Oscars 2013 red carpet.

6:14 "We worry most about being on time." - Damien Bechir. Gotta love a punctual man.

6:08 Yeah, we're pretty bummed Ryan Gosling isn't there, too. (Why can't you share, Eva?!)

6:07 Thoughts on the Best Actor race? Go!

6:01 We're seeing lots of whites and pastels on the red carpet tonight. You like?

6:00 Hour #1 is a wrap!

5:58 Our Italian eats just arrived at MTV headquarters! What are you noshing on at your Oscars party? #PleaseExcuseMyMarinaraMustache

5:54 We're talking "The Artist" with James Cromwell. Have you seen it? And, more importantly, are you a fan of Uggie the Dog?

5:48 Milla Jovovich looks fierce in that sparkly, one-shoulder cream gown, though it's probably difficult to fight zombies while wearing.

5:40 Hearing whoops and whistles from the red carpet. Famous people must be on their way...

5:32 I wonder if Christina can email one of those chocolate souffles over...

5:31 3-D food? I don't know if I get it, but I'd eat it anyway.

5:30 DUDE! Wolfgang Puck. Where's my steak, yo?

5:24 Who does MTV News think will go home with Oscar tonight? Check out our predictions and weigh in with your own below in the comments.

5:17 Did you see Shailene Woodley in "The Descendants"? Do you think she was snubbed at the Oscars? (We do!)

5:12 While we wait for all the fancy people to arrive, tweet your questions to @MTVNews using the hash tag #Oscars.

5:10 Um, if you guys need someone to visit the gifting suite next year, we might be available..

5:08 Whose gown are you most excited to see tonight? We can't wait for Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain.

5:07 Christina's forecasting lots of bright jewel tones for our leading ladies tonight. (We're assuming that doesn't apply to Rooney Mara...)

5:05 Our girl Christina looks so pretty on the red carpet! Josh doesn't look so bad either...

5:00 Welcome, welcome! You look so nice. Take a seat. Relax. Let's talk the Oscars red carpet, shall we?