'Mirror Mirror' Set Visit: Lily Collins Escorts Us Through Fairytale Land

She's the fairest of them all and a darn good tour guide. MTV News recently had the pleasure of visiting the fantastical "Mirror Mirror" set, with none other than Snow White herself (a.k.a. adorable actress Lily Collins) as our hostess. Though the fairytale flick doesn't hit theaters until March 30, we're giving you a sneak peek of the snowy landscape and comfy quarters you'll spy in Tarsem Singh's eye-popping extravaganza.

Our magical visit began in the enchanted forest, where Lily cautioned against eating the snow—a practice we've long since abandoned after moving to New York—seeing as it's actually salt.

"The dwarves' tree house is somewhere in these woods," she explained. "The majority of the action takes place here. And I'm in big ball gowns running around in this woods. I'm fighting with Armie [Hammer]."

Next we got a look at the film's village (which has totally seen better days), before moving on to the real treat of the tour: the dwarves' house!

"This is the classic, iconic dwarves' house, as you can tell by the little things around," Lily said. "So much goes on in this house. Everything from the iconic waking up scene with the dwarves and I [to] Armie—imagine Armie, how tall he is, he is in here quite a bit."

Now that will be something enchanting to see, for sure!

Watch our entire set visit above, and be sure to peruse our entire "Mirror Mirror" photo gallery by clicking on the image below!

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