Oscars 2012: Our Itty-Bitty Wish List

Melissa McCarthyThe Oscars aren't on until Sunday, but here at Hollywood Crush headquarters, we're already dreaming and scheming about what we're hoping to see on the red carpet—and whose names we hope come out of those all-important envelopes—when Hollywood's finest gather together for the biggest awards show of the year. And while we're daydreaming about the most perfectly perfect Oscars ever...wait, isn't there some super-scientific theory* about how putting your desires out into the universe will cause them to all come true? Why, yes! Yes, there is!

*Note: If Oprah says it, it's SCIENCE, okay.

So, universe, have at it: three little things that would let your favorite Hollywood gossips enjoy the Academy Awards of their dreams. (And we expect to see results!)

Thing 1: And the Oscar goes to...

We're dying to see our favorite celebs gets some well-deserved appreciation for their great performances this year—which means that on Sunday night, Melissa McCarthy absolutely must take home the statuette for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "Bridesmaids." (Bonus points for Rooney Mara and Jonah Hill to win in their categories, too.)

Thing 2: Fashion faux pas, if you please!

It's not that we're catty beyotches who love nothing more than to giggle and gossip over other people's unfortunate outfit choices, but...well, no. Okay. Yeah, we are. And in order for our Oscar dreams to come true, we're gonna need to see at least one lavender tuxedo, one actress wearing a dress that makes her look like a robot, and something that rivals either Bjork's notorious swan dress or Jennifer Hudson's widely-panned bolero for pure "What was she thinking?!" conversation fodder.

Thing 3: A host with the most.

Billy Crystal? Hey, we've got nothing against the dude. But in order to have the best possible Oscar night ever, we're going to need a last-minute traffic jam to force him off the stage...and to be replaced by Ryan Gosling. Who, of course, will be so taken by surprise that he'll have no clean formal wear on hand and will therefore have to perform his emcee duties in his underpants. Yes.

Thanks, Universe! You're the best!

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