'Hunger Games' Woody Harrelson: Haymitch Is A 'Bit Of A Ne'er-Do-Well'

If seeing Woody Harrelson all done up as District 12's oft-drunk mentor Haymitch Abernathy still doesn't have you convinced producers reaped the right man, we have a feeling this fresh interview with MTV News' Josh Horowitz will have you seeing the error of your ways. Because the actor clearly has a handle on Haymitch's many idiosyncrasies, providing some very on-point insights into the Quarter Quell champion's psyche.

"Well, you know, at first glance, Haymitch is a little bit of a ne'er-do-well alcoholic because he won the Hunger Games at one time, he now has a kind of life of privilege and he appears to be doing his utmost to abuse it," Woody said with a laugh. "At first glance, there's all these things about him that aren't necessarily positive, but I think he's a deeper character than that and certainly does show more and more as the books progress."

Indeed he does (a point we'll leave unexplored as some of you may still be reading the two subsequent books). And though the story of Woody basing his character's appearance on his brother is now firmly entrenched in "Hunger Games" lore, he shared a bit more about the Aha! Moment that led to his transformation.

"Well, when I was...preparing and stuff, I just happened to go over to my brother's and we both ride motorcycles and we rode up somewhere. He takes off his helmet. I look at him and go, "Haymitch! That's it." He's got the scruff, and he's got the hair, and I thought, 'That's it.'"

And so it was that Panem's biggest lush was made over from a paunchy, middle-aged man to a blonde bombshell. So to speak.

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