Taylor Swift, Zac Efron Foster The People On 'Ellen'

Taylor Swift Zac EfronSometimes two celebrities do something so cute together that, even when they've never been romantically linked before, the mere sight of it is enough to launch a thousand hopeful shippers in their direction. (Is this one of those times? Maybe! Depending on how loud you guys squeal when you see it.) But even if they're the just-friendliest of just-friends, that doesn't change the charm of this clip of Taylor Swift and Zac Efron on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

The pair appeared today as part of the media tour to promote "The Lorax," for which both Taylor and Zac lent their voices to animated characters—but the movie news took a backseat to the fact that Zac got a private on-set guitar lesson from the country superstar. And by "private lesson," we mean... no, really, we actually mean "private lesson." Turns out that Taylor taught her co-star to play "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People in between takes...and to prove it, the two of them busted out their instruments for an impromptu performance of the song (which they penned new Ellen-appropriate lyrics for). Adorable? Yeah it is. And if the two have this same kind of fun chemistry in their new animated flick, we'll be happy to shell out to see it.

Click past the jump to watch their entire performance!

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Should Taylor and Zac form their own band? Tell us what you think of their performance in the comments and on Twitter!

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