'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Breaking The Code'

Pretty Little LiarsNo one ever suspects the pregnant woman—a rookie mistake in a town like Rosewood where even the local cell phone store employee is squirreling away one giant acorn of a secret. We've always been a bit weary of Spencer's big sis, Melissa, but with the new footage surfacing from the night of Ali's murder, it looks like she could be the newest prime suspect in this deadly game.

A is clearly getting desperate, as his/her menacing messages are popping up on the cell phones and windshields of those close to the liars. Of particular interest last night was Mona, who A threatened exposing as a shoplifter if Mona didn't expose Hanna as the same. Mona revealed A's plan to Hanna, who finally confided in Mona that she'd been getting messages from A, too.

Sensing that it was time for things to get really real, Hanna called a meeting of the liars to reveal her shoplifting infraction. Aria also let something spill, namely that she was still seeing Ezra. Spencer was (rightfully) peeved, seeing as she'd thought her and Aria were co-habitants of Dumpersville, but the confessional came to an end when Caleb messaged Hanna with big news. He'd decoded more of the footage, with one huge revelation: Melissa was in Alison's room the night of the murder. Yeah, wow. The liars wanted to go the police straightaway, but, of course, Spencer wanted to talk with her sibling first.

Meanwhile, the liars finally met with the mysterious voice on the other end of Vivian's claim receipt—a man who was helping Ali figure out the identity of A via his/her cell phone number. He had turned the info over to Ali, who never paid him for his services. He wanted $2,000 from the liars in order to share the tidbit. No problem for these teens, as Spencer finagled the funds from her newly revealed step-bro, Jason.

Aria and Spencer went to meet the man, money in hand, but all he gave them was an address. (Apparently A used a "burner phone" with no name tied to it. The cell phone employee was only able to scrounge up the last known usage point.) The address led them to a dumpy, defunct law office, which seemed like a total dead end, until Ashley told Hanna that the same firm had handled her divorce. Why did she use that particular firm? Because Melissa was an intern there. Oh, Melissa, You are in deep! Things began to look even worse when Wren confided to Spencer that Officer Garrett had been accompanying Melissa on her doctors appointments.

Oh, Wren. Spencer was so distraught over Melissa ditching their date (in favor of a ride from Garrett) that she started downing poorly supervised shots (seriously, what bartender just leaves those lying around?), while she and Wren spent some quality time together. So quality, in fact, that Spencer went home with him. But he was gentlemanly to the max, leaving Spencer to fall asleep on the couch. You can keep Toby, Spence. I'll take Wren for my boyfriend.

Elsewhere in Relationship Land, Ezra broke the news to Aria that he was seriously considering the teaching job in New Orleans. Cue the Ingrid Michaelson cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love," a song I will always and forever associate with the trailer for "Like Crazy." (Did anyone else notice that this was the episode of also-ran music? That song from the "Revenge" commercials also made an appearance...)

But, Ezria fans, all was not lost. When Aria later went over to Ezra's (why, I don't know), mom Ella showed up to listen to their side of the story. It was a mature response that left me pleasantly surprised.

As things winded down, we learned that Mona was indeed a good friend to Hanna, opting for community service and the dreaded potential of donning a hairnet over ratting out her friend to the local newspaper. And, in a rather random subplot, Emily's swim team and one-time lady interest Paige returned. She's out of the closet and hot for Emily, who was clearly still jonesing for Maya (who won't return her phone calls). But something was up, because as the credits were about to roll, the police showed up to question Emily about Maya. Had she gone the way of Alison? Or simply run away? We'll have to tune in next week to find out. And to see where Melissa took Spencer.

Is Melissa your top suspect for Alison's murderer? Are you getting a little tired of the Ezria back and forth? What's happened to Maya? Sound off with your thoughts and theories in the comments and on Twitter!