The Really Real Actual 'Hunger Games' Track Listing Is Definitely Here Now

Hunger GamesWhoops! Remember when we told you that the final track list for the "Hunger Games" companion album was wrapped up and ready to go? Well, uh...we were kidding. Yeah, that's it, just kidding! (Haha! Ha! Ha!) As it turns out, the original list wasn't as set-in-stone as we thought it was—but the new, officially official, no-way-we're-going-back-on-it track rundown appeared in our mailbox this afternoon (straight from Universal Republic). And the album will consist of:

1. Arcade Fire, “Abraham’s Daughter”

2. The Secret Sisters, “Tomorrow Will Be Kinder”

3. Neko Case, “Nothing To Remember”

4. Taylor Swift, “Safe & Sound ft. The Civil Wars”

5. Kid Cudi, “The Ruler and The Killer”

6. Punch Brothers, “Dark Days”

7. The Decemberists, “One Engine”

8. The Carolina Chocolate Drops, “Daughter’s Lament”

9. The Civil Wars, “Kingdom Come”

10. Glen Hansard, “Take The Heartland”

11. Maroon 5 ft. Rozzi Crane, “Come Away To The Water”

12. Miranda Lambert, “Run Daddy Run ft. Pistol Annies”

13. Jayme Dee, “Rules”

14. Taylor Swift, “Eyes Open”

15. The Low Anthem, “Lover Is Childlike”

16. Birdy, “Just A Game”

Admittedly, you'll have to look hard to see too many differences between the former and the latter: the main changes are the loss of Ella Mae Bowen's "Come and Sing," the addition of Maroon 5 and Rozzi Crane with "Come Away To The Water," and a change to the name of the song by the Appalachian string-flicking Carolina Chocolate Drops from "Reaping Day" to "Daughter's Lament." Also, no mention of a bonus video for Taylor Swift's "Safe & Sound." (Oh, and the mysterious song by Jennifer Lawrence? Still no sign of it! Blargh.)

And there you have it: really, definitely the track listing for the "Hunger Games" album. Which is really, definitely still dropping on March 20, just days before the movie's release. And which will really, definitely be on infinite repeat in our playlist just as soon as we can get our hot little hands on it!

Do you like the minor tweaks to the "Hunger Games" tracklist?

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