'Glee' Recap: 'Heart'

GleeAfter several weeks of kinda lackluster episodes, "Glee" delivered a much-improved hour, thanks mostly to turns by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell as the long-teased Mr. and Mr. Berry. Finally, the character of Rachel makes perfect sense.

The episode kicked off with Sugar Motta—who I will remind you is a character on the show—inviting everyone to her couples-only Valentine's Day party. The problem was that both Artie and Rory wanted to take Sugar to the party, as if it wasn't something entirely invented for the episode.

Hilariously, Rachel's dads lured both their daughter and Finn to the school auditorium with a note from Mandy Patinkin. They knew about the engagement and, as usual, offered their unwavering support for their daughter. Both Goldblum and Mitchell fell right into their characters without resting on stereotypes.

After months of eagerly awaiting the arrival of dreadlocks to McKinley, Sam from "The Glee Project" joined the cast for his contractually obligated eight-episode arch. He's playing Joseph Heart, a new, previously home-schooled student, who loves him some Jesus. Shortly after arriving at his new school, Joe joined the reformed God Squad, now made up of Quinn, Mercedes and Sam. The New Directions turned down the opportunity to do singing Valentines, so the God Squad did instead.

Since only one guy could be the "lucky" one to take Sugar to the party, Artie and Rory engaged in a battle of seduction, set to the crooning tunes of Mike Chang and Tina singing "L.O.V.E." Tina has officially become the forgotten member of the New Directions. At the very most, she might sing a song or agree with a character. What gives?

Anyway, Brittany S. Pierce and Santana were having a cute moment in the hallway and about to kiss, when Figgins swooped in. "Teen lesbians!" In his few minutes on this week's episode, Figgins stole the show with his outburst and the passing reference to Finchel. He had to inform the new couple that their love must go without public displays since it may offend more conservative students.

Just to make sure everyone knew how bad of an idea it is, Finn and Rachel announced their engagement to the rest of the New Directions. "When's the baby due?" Puck asked wisely. Most of the group disagreed with their decision, but a few of them offered their support, sadly. Thankfully, Artie pushed them out of the spotlight to deliver "Let Me Love You" to Sugar, which won him a date to the party.

For their first singing Valentine, the God Squad offered congratulations to Rachel for the engagement with "Stereo Heart," sung by Joe. Santana hit the nail on the big fat head when she told Rachel, "I support your decision to be unhappy with Finn for the rest of your life."

Back in the choir room, Rory sadly informed the group that his contract visa has expired and that he'll be leaving McKinley at the end of the school year. His rendition of "Home" by Michael Buble inspired Sugar to change her mind and say, "I feel worse for you than I do for Artie." Later in the episode, when Sugar made reference to the expired visa, Rory hesitated just enough to let us know he was lying, which is actually kind of a psychotic thing to do if you think about it.

Since Santana ordered a singing Valentine for her girlfriend, the God Squad had to decide its stance on same-sex relationships. There was some brief theological discussion, and Mercedes posited that Simon the Apostle may have been gay because of statistics and his name being the "gayest." Joe had never met a gay person before, so he had to think it out.

For those of you wondering, yes, the surprisingly well-timed Whitney Houston cover was, in fact, a coincidence. Mercedes sang "I Will Always Love You" shortly after confessing her infidelity to Tinker from "Friday Night Lights" and breaking off her affair with Sam. "When it comes to love, I don't know who I am." Right, Mercedes. Right.

Who did "I Will Always Love You" best: Amber Riley or Jennifer Hudson? Vote in our poll!

In an attempt to sabotage the engagement, Rachel's dads invited Finn and his folks over for dinner. They gave the young couple permission to spend the night together, but soon after heading into Rachel's room, they began to fight about Finn's poop. Downstairs the dads clinked glasses in success. This rouse, of course, went against the three pillars of the Berry family: honesty, respect and dance. Finn and Rachel quickly made up and set a date. They'll be married for the season finale nationals in May.

At the Sugar Shack, the God Squad performed "Cherish" for Brittany, having finally overcome potential homophobia. And in a storyline that eventually had no impact on the overall story, Dave Karofsky showed up to admit to liking Kurt, which amounted to nothing.

But then Darren Criss returned from Broadway to make everything okay.

What did you think of last night's "Glee"? Do you agree it's one of the better episodes recently? Did you like Mercedes' rendition of "I Will Always Love You"? Should Rachel and Finn really get married? Sound off on it all in the comments and on Twitter!

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