Channing Tatum, Scott Speedman Say 'The Vow' Isn't Just A Chick Flick

by Christina Garibaldi

Ladies, are you still looking for Valentine’s Day weekend plans? May we suggest "The Vow"? It has all the ingredients for the perfect V-Day movie: love, heartbreak, tragedy, oh and Channing Tatum and Scott Speedman.

“The Vow,” which is loosely based on a true story, finds Channing’s character, Leo, struggling to win back his wife, Paige, played by Rachel McAdams, after a tragic accident erases her memory. Now if this doesn’t sound like an ideal date-night flick, I don’t know what does. But there’s even better news! Channing recently told MTV News that this movie is something that your guy can relate to as well.

“It’s told through the guy's perspective,” Channing explained. “You don’t just need some horrible accident to not really know someone in a relationship, you can kind of grow apart and they cannot recognize them, and to see somebody try so hard to get back to that is cool.”

And let’s not forget about Scott, who promised all the male viewers they will enjoy this movie for one simple reason.

“It’s not a chick flick because it’s good,” Scott said with a laugh. “And I think the director also kept it from being too melodramatic and over the top, which is I think what guys really don’t like—when it feels, like, manipulative. I know that’s what I don’t like. If a movie's just sincere and it’s just unique and if it has very romantic elements, that’s something I don’t mind watching at all.”

Scott, let’s not forget the most important reason fans should see “The Vow.”

“I’m in it," he joked.


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