Emma Thompson Is The Newest 'Beautiful Creature'

Emma ThompsonThe casting news keeps coming for our soon-to-be new favorite supernatural romance "Beautiful Creatures" (smell ya later, vampires! We're all about the Southern gothic witchery now). This book about two star-crossed lovers, secret sorcery and lots of small-town South Carolinian intrigue is one of the stories we're most psyched to see adapted for the big screen, and the latest announcement is in from the studio: ladies and gentlemen, we've got a villain. Emma Thompson is in final talks to take on two roles: Mrs. Lincoln, religious zealot, and Sarafine, the dark witch who eventually possesses her.

Emma won't be the first English actress to be putting on a drawl for the film; Jack O'Connell, who will play Ethan, is also a Brit. And considering her versatility—the lady's played everything from an Austen heroine to a Hogwarts professor to Nanny McPhee—we think she'll be fantastic in this topsy-turvy role.

The addition of Academy Award-winning Emma rounds out a cast that's equal parts acclaimed acting vets and obscure unknowns, with the also-Oscar-nominated Viola Davis already on board to play the no-nonsense Amma and newbie Alice Englert in the lead role of Lena. Who will be the next actor to join up and head South? Keep it here; we'll be bringing you updates whenever we get 'em!