'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Valentine'

Secret Circleby Ryan J. Downey

Shelley Hennig warned us that Diana would get all hopped up on Devil's Spirit and get into some silliness on this week's episode of "The Secret Circle." It was some welcome levity on the traditionally very serious hit series about a coven of teen witches in a sleepy boat town. This week "The Secret Circle" let its hair down, with some punchy dialog ("bitch, hurry"), teenage hijinks and an action-movie pace.

There was (finally!) the (almost) return of John Blackwell by episode's end (more on that later) and the negative effects of drug use were on display without any hackneyed heavy handed preaching from the show's writers, as is often the trap many shows have fallen into.

Trumping those exciting elements, of course, was all of the making out.

Cassie and Adam! Diana and Lee! Diana and some dude! Faye and Jake in bed together, post hookup! For an episode featuring an "anti-Valentine's" party, there sure was a lot of hooking up in "Valentine." Of course there was also some possession and some ghost witches… It was still "The Secret Circle" after all, not "90210." We depend on these supernatural series to give us some a seance with our soap.

Following Faye's morning after with Jake, we're reminded of her actual friendship with Melissa, which is important considering that many of these kids don't seem to share anything other than the familial lineage that mystically bonds them all together. Her well-meaning anti-Valentine's party takes on a will of its own when suddenly Diana is on the guest list, followed by Faye's least favorite witch, Cassie.

Cassie is being stalked by a mysterious hooded figure. He's in the parking lot at school, then he's in the clubhouse basement; only he's gone when Adam heads back downstairs with her to investigate. Perhaps her other almost boyfriend will have some answers? Luckily Jake has rested up from his night/morning with Faye enough to remember some meaty exposition when Cassie drops by to describe this weird symbol the stalker had on his robe. It's the symbol of a Coven that's been dead for years. Which means, her stalker is a ghost!

Faye is the mastermind behind the "anti-Valentine's Day" slumber party, and its at her place where Diana accidentally breaks a creepy gift (a little voodoo doll) Faye had gotten from Lee. Melissa and Diana indulge in some Devil's Spirit and then, like most teenagers at a slumber party, they decide to order a pizza. Unlike most (we hope) most teenagers, they also decide to dabble in some witchcraft to summon a "hot pizza guy," who ends up being Lee. Not exactly what they were expecting, but Devil Drunk Diana kisses him anyway! Take that, Adam!

Cassie arrives at the party not long after and the Ouija board comes out. Cassie has her father's medallion, a.k.a. the namesake of last week's episode, which spells out "SACRED" on the board. The dead witch coven more or less haunting the child of Blackwell is connected to the medallion and clearly eager to chat. The fact that Cassie activated the medallion last week obviously wasn't without consequences.

Isaac, the witch hunter boss man, is back and bends Jake's ear about the connection between the medallion and the ghostly coven. He says Cassie's (definitely-still-alilve) father, John Blackwell, killed the Nidaros Coven with that medallion back in the day. Isaac wants to get his own hands on the witchy accessory which is busy making Cassie crash her car as she drives by another ghost. Jake was on his way to warn Cassie about Isaac and whatnot, but Cassie was on her way to Adam's house when the medallion made her crash not far from the woods.

Jake and Adam end up together and on the hunt for Cassie like her name is Elena and their last names are Salvatore. She ends up inside the church where her father killed off the coven, surrounded by ghosts who thwart Adam's rescue effort by possessing him. He starts slashing his own wrists until Cassie triumphantly destroys the medallion, effectively breaking the ghost coven's hold on her sorta soulmate. Jake ends up collecting the remnants of the medallion and delivering them to Isaac and the pair continue to speak like frenemies. He's sort of a father figure to Jake, but Jake can barely stand him these days. (Speaking of parents, they were pretty absent this episode).

Adam and Cassie end up at the Boathouse together where they eventually make out. While it's all warm fuzzies with Cassie and Adam, things are far darker at the slumber party. The Devil's Spirit has a bad effect on Melissa (pretty sure she didn't sign up for crazy seizures), and Lee's little gift definitely wasn't given as a joke. It seems he's using it to drain Faye's power to revive his comatose girlfriend.

"The Secret Circle" is often filled with what appear to be nods to classic genre fare and tonight's episode was no exception. Remember that guy in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with the medallion imprint burned into his hand? As "Valentine" concludes, we see Mr. Blackwell with a medallion mark on his hand. John, we know we'll be seeing a lot more of you soon. Next week's episode is called "Return" after all!

What did you think of "Valentine"? Are Cassie and Adam headed for Relationshipville? Were you surprised that Lee's girl is still alive (but barely kicking)? Are you psyched for John Blackwell's appearance next week? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!