'The Vow' Star Channing Tatum: Falling In Love With Rachel McAdams Was 'Easy'

Stock up on the Puffs Plus because Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams are here to make you weep. Their romantic drama, "The Vow," hits theaters this weekend, right in time for Valentine's Day (hint, hint, boyfriends of the world), and this is one tear-jerking affair, to be sure. Rachel stars as a young woman who suffers a traumatic brain injury in a car accident, and as a result, can no longer recall meeting or falling in love with her husband (Channing). Heavy stuff! But despite the sometimes melancholy material, Channing said it was an enjoyable experience falling in love with Rachel...on screen.

"It was easy. She's lovely, and we had a great time," he said.

Thankfully, it appears the feelings were mutual. "We got along really well," Rachel agreed. "It doesn't always go that way, but it's such a bonus. It doesn't necessarily mean that it won't seem like there's chemistry on the screen. You can not get along on screen, and it's still there somehow."

"Some of the most famous love stories in history, they've hated each other, supposedly," Channing chimed in. "And you're just like, 'No! No way!' and they did."

"But we were lucky," Rachel added.

Now wait just a minute. We're not letting you off that easy, Rachel. I mean, there you are, sitting all nonchalant-like, discussing these "hypothetical," no-chemistry co-stars without even a hint of irony. Have you already forgotten how you and your "Notebook" co-star Ryan Gosling famously HATED EACH OTHER while filming the Nicholas Sparks adaptation? Only to fall in love, like, two years later? You remember that? Because we do.

It wasn't over. It still isn't over.

Will you be seeing "The Vow" this weekend?