Lea Michele: In For A Spring Re-Awakening?

Lea MicheleWhat will Lea Michele's next big move be? According to the latest skinny from Hollywood insiders, it just might be a giant step backward—in the direction of the production that started her career.

E! Online has the exclusive scoop, straight from the director himself, that Lea is in talks to reprise her role as Wendla in "Spring Awakening": the award-winning Broadway musical about love, sex and tragedy amongst a group of lusty late 19th-century German teenagers, which is slated to be adapted for film sometime next year.

Lea was singing (and, er, simulating sexytimes) in "Spring Awakening" long before she snagged her small-screen role in "Glee," and director McG is anxious to see her back in the part she originated. But don't freak out, Gleeks; the man's plan is to find a way to work around Lea's current filming schedule, so your beloved Rachel Berry won't be going anywhere. And with the movie version of the rock musical promising to stay as true as possible to the original production, this would offer the actress an unprecedented chance to really bust open her movie career in a role she knows like the back of her hand. (Unless you consider said career pre-busted thanks to her small appearance in "New Year's Eve"... but let's be real, this would be way better.)

Now how do we go about getting Jonathan Groff on board, too?

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