'Pretty Little Liars' Star Troian Bellisario Happy To Have A Hump Day Hottie At Home

This one is for those of you who appreciate our weekly Hump Day Hottie feature, as well as those who love an adorable celeb couple. Not so long ago, we anointed "Suits" star Patrick J. Adams as our Hump Day Hottie, which led to two awesome things: First we learned that Patrick's real-life love interest is "Pretty Little Liars" star Troian Bellisario. Second, his "Suits" co-star Gabriel Macht was so overwhelmed by Patrick's honor that he felt the need to tweet a photo about how he was feeling about the whole thing. The chain of events was so fun that when I caught up with the Troian recently, I had to ask for her take.

"It was really funny. When he was the Hump Day Hottie, Gabriel Macht released that Twitpic, "Hump Day Nottie," and that tickled me pink, that was such a great response," she said. "It was definitely a great thing being able to walk around the apartment: 'Hump Day Hottie, could you pass me the coffee?' 'Hump Day Hottie, I left my phone in the other room could you Hump Day Hottie that over to me?' and he was just like, 'I hate you so much, would you stop that?' It was even better in public. That was great."

Now how freakin' cute is that? Troian also said that our recognition of her man's "Hottie"-ness was the first time Patrick has ever been singled out in such a delightfully objectifying way. I find this hard to believe, of course, because he is adorable. But hey, we're just doing the best we can over here, providing our faithful readers with the best eye candy out there!