Taylor Swift To Debut 'Hunger Games' Music Vid 'Safe And Sound' On MTV!

Dystopian fiction fans and country music enthusiasts alike, get ready to mark your calendars for next Monday night: Taylor Swift is headed our way on the evening of February 13, when she'll be settling down in our studios for an MTV First chat about her latest projects...and the big event is kicking off with the live, EXCLUSIVE debut of her video for "Safe and Sound," the lead single on "The Hunger Games" soundtrack (which comes out March 20).

Our teensy sneak peek at a single still from the video looks promising: We've got Taylor wearing white, looking downtrodden, and moping her way through a quiet woodland setting which echoes the Appalachian forest landscape of the film's District 12 (and which is hopefully not "The Hunger Games" arena, because we'd hate to see her pretty white dress get all covered in MURDER). And if you want to see it first, then don't miss the chance to tune in, because not only are we getting the hotly anticipated clip a full six minutes before it airs anywhere else (U JELUS GUYZ?), we'll also have EXCLUSIVE teaser content and some insidery info about the song itself.

And if there's anything you're dying to know, Taylor will be sticking around afterward to answer questions about her contribution to the movie's soundtrack, including a few asked by fans themselves! You know the drill: Hop on Twitter and holler at us, using the handle @MTVNews and the #AskTaylor or #MTVFirst hashtags.

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