'Vampire Diaries' Stars Make One Sexy Sandwich On EW Cover

Vampire Diaries Entertainment Weekly coverAfter getting a load of this week's Entertainment Weekly cover series featuring "Vampire Diaries" stars Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder, we've suddenly realized: love triangles are so passe. And from now on, we'd like to skip the boring geometric metaphors and instead take all our romantic conflicts in sandwich form. Preferably made with two hunky slices of undead dude-bread. Because daaaaaaaaaamn. We want a manwich, please!

Of course, this delicious cover (and its similarly sexy compatriots, featuring Nina posing solo with each guy) isn't just eye candy; it's also a not-so-subtle hint about the difficult decision that the torn-between-two-lovers Elena will have to make as she contemplates her entanglement with Damon. ...No, wait, Stefan! ...No, wait, ugh, no, don't make her choose!

But whatever her choice—and however dramatic the ensuing fallout is—one thing is for sure: that is Ian Somerhalder's buttcheek.


How schmexy is this "Vampire Diaries" sandwich? Tell us everything in the comments and on Twitter!