'Beautiful Creatures' News: Meet Ethan And Lena!

"Beautiful Creatures" has found, well, its Beautiful Creatures.

Hot on the heels of the news that "The Help" star (and Oscar nominee) Viola Davis would play no-nonsense seer Amma in the big-screen adaptation of the YA novel, comes word (via Alcon Entertainment) that the two leads are in final negotiations. Meet Jack O'Connell, who will play Ethan, and Alice Englert, who will play Lena.

Fans of the UK series "Skins" will recognize Jack as impulsive ne'er-do-well James Cook. And if that description doesn't make it obvious enough, the young chap is English (though we suspect he'll affect a Southern accent for this project). And though his New Zealander co-star Alice has few acting credits to her name, she hails from a prestigious film family; her mom is Oscar-winning director Jane Campion.

The two will portray the series' star-crossed loves; Ethan is a local South Carolina boy whose nightmares have been haunted by a mystery girl—a mystery girl named Lena, whom he finally meets face-to-face on a dark and stormy night, eventually discovering she's a witch.

With Ethan, Lena and Amma all in place, it looks like this adaptation is finally ready to conjure up some magic!

Production will begin on "Beautiful Creatures" in April.

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