'After Hours' Debuts The Never-Before- (Or To-Be-) Seen Trailer For 'Snowy River'

This week's After Hours with MTV News' Josh Horowitz invites a whole lot of questions. Questions like: where, what, or who is "Snowy River"? And why is Malin Akerman abusing Josh's lapels whilst shouting about betrayal? And was there something in the water at the Sundance Film Festival last month?

The answers are out there! Somewhere! But don't look for them in this star-studded promo for a new (non-existent) series that will rival "Twin Peaks" for mysterious monsters, non sequitur dialogue and young brunette actresses staring vacantly into the camera—and don't expect us to know anything, either. All we can say about the mysterious "Snowy River" is that...

a) Everyone who was at the Park City event seems to be involved, including (but not limited to!) Rashida Jones, Emma Roberts, Andy Samberg and Kate Bosworth,

b) Paul Giamatti foreshadowing is the best foreshadowing,

c) the basso profundo voice-altering technology from the 1994 Mel Gibson movie "Ransom" is getting a heck of a workout,

d) Elijah Wood really and truly can be one of the most profoundly creepy dudes on the planet when he puts his mind to it, and

e) when Ice T tells us to shut up and watch anything, it is best to just do it and not ask why.

"SNOWY RIVER"! Coming never to a network near you.

Do you wish "Snowy River" was a real thing?