'Hunger Games' Soundtrack Artwork Revealed!

Hunger Games Soundtrack ArtWe've been saving room in our music library for the "The Hunger Games" soundtrack ever since we got wind that T-Bone Burnett was spearheading the film's companion score—and with artists like Arcade Fire, Taylor Swift, Neko Case and The Secret Sisters reportedly on board to contribute original songs, there's no doubt that the soulful sounds of District 12 will be on continuous loop in the earbuds of many a fan. But while you can't get your hands on the soundtrack just yet, you can get a sneak peek at the cover of your soon-to-be new favorite album! The film's Facebook page posted a surprise look at the artwork for "The Hunger Games" music this afternoon, titled "Songs From District 12 And Beyond." (And by sharing the artwork from the movie's Facebook page, you can help reveal the next single!)

The design features Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, drawing back her bow above the now-familiar flaming Mockingjay symbol. And if you think you've seen that particular intense expression on her face before, you're right: This same pic graces the last promotional poster released by Lionsgate before the movie hits theaters. But much as we love the image, wouldn't it have been nice to see the movie's companion soundtrack get a different kind of treatment—less recycled blockbuster tie-in and more in line with the direct-from-Panem vibe of other Games-related ephemera (like the brilliant Capitol Couture site)? We're thinking: a CD made to look like a bootleg vinyl recording, made on salvaged equipment in an underground studio.

Featuring hidden tracks featuring coded broadcasts from the revolution.

And with hand-written liner notes stained with blood and coal dust and the tears of the oppressed.

...Y'know, just for example. But this is fine, too.

The "Hunger Games" soundtrack drops March 20.

What do you think of the "Hunger Games" album artwork?