'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'The Naked Truth'

Pretty Little LiarsIn case you, like me, were wondering, "Truth Up" doesn't appear to be a real thing (at least according to Google), meaning last night's "Pretty Little Liars" wasn't a true "very special episode." But with bribes, illegitimate pregnancies and potential child abuse at the forefront, it sure did cover some heady ground.

As you could have predicted, the episode began in the vice principal's office, where a suitable punishment for Hanna's naked Kate text blast was the topic of discussion. Instead of expelling her, VP Tamborelli decided Hanna and Kate would have to work out their differences during the school's Truth Up event, a night of secret spilling meant to heal old wounds, build camaraderie and send teens into a panicky truth spiral.

While Hanna was being doled her punishment, the other liars were rallying around the find from Ali's claim ticket: a red rain coat. And somehow, despite its chemical bath at the cleaners, a crumpled up piece of paper with a phone number was hiding in the pocket. The girls dialed the digits, only to be sent to voice mail, where they declared themselves a friend of Vivian Darkbloom (Ali's alter ego, you'll recall).

But Spencer quickly forgot about the Ali sitch once she ran into the dead girl's brother. Yep, Jason was back in town after spending some time in Georgia fixing his grandmother's house. And he was looking for Spencer's dad. (And looking pretty good with that new haircut, I might add.) Thinking Mr. Hastings would be a chaperone at the Truth Up event, Jason signed on too.

And as if the Awkward Gods had fated it so, Jason's group claimed Aria. And Caleb. And Jenna. So uncomfortable. But it looked as though they got the best group because while the others were doing truth exercises (like throwing dodgeballs at each other?), this one seemed pretty free to sit around and do nothing while Mrs. Hastings (also a group leader) grilled Jenna about why she felt bullied at the school. But leave it to awesome Caleb to put Jenna in her place and stand up for his lady Hanna.

Emily, meanwhile, managed to work up the ire of Tamborelli (who still won't let her back onto the swim team) during her group's assignments. But Mona took pity on her, and using some surprisingly adept hacking, voice altering and accounting skills, managed to uncover the fact that the school's VP was accepting bribes from footballer parents. Hello, spot back on the Sharks swim team!

After some sleuthing of her own, Hanna realized that it was dear step-sister Kate who actually sent out the topless text (using a cleverly Photoshopped image). She tricked Kate into confessing on tape and took the evidence to her mom and the vice principal. She also sent Aria and Spencer after Caleb to tell him to stop trying to crack her phone. Aria went up on the roof to find him, but was confronted by Noel instead. His motives were unclear (though knowing Noel, likely shady), but Holden didn't wait to find out. A little awkwardness between him and Aria didn't stop him from protecting his gal pal. He landed a weighty roundhouse kick (I think that's what Billy Blanks always called them...) on Noel, freeing Aria from the death grip on her ankle.

Meanwhile, Spencer's family drama hit 11 when she discovered that Jason is her...brother. Yeah, didn't see that one coming. What this means for Spencer and her family is uncertain, but I'm pretty sure it will be spelled d-r-a-m-a.

With the school finally tucked all snug into their sleeping bags, Emily received a call from the raincoat number. It was a man this time (they'd unsuccessfully chatted up a woman earlier) and he wanted to meet the liars. Here's hoping that rendezvous goes better than the one in the greenhouse.

What did you think about last night's "Pretty Little Liars"? Were you flabbergasted that Jason is Spencer's half brother? Who do you think is answering the raincoat phone? And what's Holden's deal? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!