Katharine McPhee On 'Smash': 'Our Show Is About Dreaming Big'

Unless you threw out your TV along with the carcass of Thanksgiving's turkey, you're probably well aware (and have been for months) as to what's happening on NBC tonight. Namely, the premiere of the network's much-hyped musical series "Smash."

The show follows Broadway hopefuls Karen (Katharine McPhee) and Ivy (this week's Girl Crush Megan Hilty) as they audition for the lead in a Marilyn Monroe-themed musical. Katharine obviously has plenty of auditioning experience, having been the runner-up on "American Idol" back in 2006, but how did that process compare with "Smash"?

"It was actually one of the more simple auditions I've been through," she said when MTV News caught up with her at the series' red carpet premiere in New York. "I auditioned, put myself on tape, flew to New York the next week, was testing for it. I waited two days for Mr. Spielberg to watch the tape and I got the part."

And as daunting as a tryout in front of one of our generation's most revered filmmakers sounds, Katharine said it was a surprisingly comfortable process. "Mr. Spielberg, when you meet him, he is not intimidating at all. He's the most lovely, wonderful, gentle man," she said.

As to her on-screen persona, Katharine had this to say: "My character, Karen, is the biggest dreamer of them all, she dreams big. Our show is about dreaming big. She has a big heart, she has a lot of drive and she's very determined about what she wants in her career and what she wants out of it and how she's gonna go about doing it and keeping a real strong moral code. I think she is a little green when you first meet her. She's not quite sure how things go and how things are worked in the business, [and] she learns a lot throughout the course of the first season."

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