'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone To Be A Dad: What's In Store For Baby?

It'll be another few days before you can get your hands on a copy of the Bella Swan birth video (also known as the DVD of "Breaking Dawn"), but here's some fun "Twilight" family news: Jackson Rathbone, famous on-screen vampire and uncle to Renesmee, is expecting his first off-screen child with girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi.

Us Weekly confirms that Sheila, a burlesque dancer, is five months along with the pair's progeny. (Although considering the fairly terrifying progression of Bella's "Breaking Dawn" pregnancy, let's hope the Cullen family connection begins and ends with Jackson's movie role. Yikes.)

This is exciting news for Jackson, who appears to be eagerly embracing the big real-life role of Someone's Dad—and with a pair of parents like this, no doubt their first kid has a big, artistic life in store. But will the babe favor his dancer mom? His actor-musician dad? A combination of the two? Let's poll it!

Any predictions for the Rathbone baby? Leave your congratulations for Jackson and Sheila in the comments!