'John Carter' Vs. 'Battleship': Which Taylor Kitsch Is Hotter?

Last night's big game included plenty of ogle-worthy manmeat on the field of play (Jason Pierre-Paul in spandex pants, anyone?), but the crushworthy content of the Super Bowl didn't end there: During the commercial breaks, we were treated to two separate trailers for movies starring the delicious Taylor Kitsch. First there was "Battleship," in which Taylor was all hands on deck for an explosion-riddled battle against starfish-handed aliens armed with giant roly-poly death machines! And then, there was "John Carter," in which...well, something about Mars and an intergalactic war? We're not sure; we were just the slightest bit distracted by the fact that Taylor apparently spends the whole film wearing nothing but a few teeny strips of strategically-placed leather on his well-muscled bod.

Point is, this is going to be one deliciously Kitsch-y year in Hollywood, and it'll be a serious thrill to see Taylor make the move from playing a small-screen football star on "Friday Night Lights" to battling aliens in not one, but two fab feature films. There's just one dilemma: Which Kitsch is hotter? The leather-strap-wearing, long-haired renegade of "John Carter," or the crew-cut, clean-shaven, all-American military man of "Battleship"? Ugh, decisions. You tell us by voting in our poll after the jump!

Are you excited for the year of Taylor Kitsch?