'Secret Circle' Recap: 'Medallion'

Secret Circleby Ryan J. Downey

What better way to celebrate someone's birthday in Chance Harbor than with witch drugs, sharp objects, evil jewelry and a steamy forbidden kiss? Adam's ex-girlfriend and his dad threw a birthday party for him on this week's episode of "The Secret Circle," but all of the real action happened elsewhere. John Blackwell is definitely alive! Cassie is getting darker! And Jake made out with Faye!

There were adults in peril, as well. Dawn got stabbed (!) and had to be rescued by Charles, who had just come from drugging Ethan and stealing back Henry's power crystal. Who stabbed Dawn? Witch hunter "psychic" Lucy Gibbons, who after betraying Dawn set about trying to trick the Circle out of their power, only to eventually have her own throat slit by her mysterious master.

"Medallion" reminded us that witch hunters are still stalking the child of Blackwell, at least the one whose identity everybody knows for certain (there's still a "Secret Sibling" after all) and offered further proof of Blackwell's aliveness. Diana, whose close friendship with Cassie doesn't stop her from ratting her out on the reg, made sure to spill the beans about the whole grave-digging escapade Cassie and Jake embarked upon in last week's episode whereupon they discovered John Blackwell's grave to be devoid of any human remains.

Adam wasn't happy to learn about that adventure, which more or less sent Cassie off to ratchet up further sexual tension with Jake at the Secret Circle Clubhouse where her father's old medallion (hence the episode's title) created some crazy magical weather. Remember when Jake came down into the basement and saw Cassie kissing Adam? This week it was Adam's turn to show up during an awkward moment. No lips were locked, but Jake was on top of young Miss Blake having just saved her from the medallion's mojo.

The mysterious woman who spotted Cassie wandering around in Jake's memories in last week's appropriately titled episode "Witness" was the aforementioned Lucy. And 16 years later, in real life, she recognized her and pretended to be all friendly like with our Cass. She claimed she was John Blackwell's trusted psychic (witches, demons, psychics— what else may turn up in the show's mythology? Hmm...) and she further claimed she could help Cassie make proper use of her father's powerful old accessory and whatnot.

But this is Chance Harbor and this The CW, so while there were supernatural mysteries to be solved and murderous plots to be hatched, there was a teenager's birthday party to organize at the same time. Priorities, people! As Shelley Hennig told Hollywood Crush earlier this week, Diana was all kinds of conflicted about what to do for Adam's birthday. They've been friends forever, they aren't dating anymore, he's into her new best friend, but she still has feelings for him. Luckily for Diana, fate intervened in the form of Adam's father, Ethan, who officially enlisted her to help in the fashion we all know she wanted to anyway. She even made a speech! It's interesting to note how hard Ethan had pushed for the whole Adam-Cassie destiny thing, only to recruit Diana into Adam's bash.

Adam must not have expected to get any good gifts because he decided to covertly steal the medallion that belonged to Cassie's father for himself. Of course, he wasn't looking to rock the John Travolta look from the '70s. He'd taken it for Cassie's own safety but Adam's protectiveness with Cassie crossed the line from romantic to downright controlling, at least in her eyes. She finally decided she didn't like Adam trying to make decisions for her, which once again seemed to send her even further toward the other brooder, Jake.

But Jake had true confessions on his mind: During his time palling around with witch hunters, he definitely killed an actual witch. Jake may have a checkered past but he's nowhere near as sketchy as Callum, who was all too happy to play Warlock Scarface with another Devil's Spirit delivery and it looked like Melissa (even more so than Faye) has a possible future of addiction ahead. Jake played straight edge soldier when he caught wind of what was going down and forcefully told drug dealer boy Callum to scram, in so many words.

After stabbing Dawn and leaving her lying in her own blood, Lucy met up with the Circle for an "after-party" of sorts in the woods to begin the ritual that supposedly would get the medallion going but in fact was secretly designed to trap all of the kids' power within it! The Circle caught on to her ruse, and Cassie must've taken some killer mental notes during the memory sequence in "Witness," because she suddenly had command of the same spell her father used on the boat back in the day and started cooking Lucy from the bottom up. Before she headed off and had her throat slit by her shadowy and displeased boss (who like most super villains, refused to accept failure from his minion), Lucy admitted to the gang that John Blackwell most certainly is not dead. We know he's out there!

Cassie may be the Anakin Skywalker of this whole saga with the whole chosen one/balance thing, but Faye and Jake are the two members of the Circle who have legitimately danced with the dark side minus any sort of birthright to evil. Plus, they used to date, remember? So it only made sense that, considering Cassie's continued distrust of him and apparent destiny with Adam, Jake would decide toward the episode's end to invite solo-power-obsessed Faye over to his place and proceed to plant a bunch of kisses on her.

While that steaminess was going on, Adam was getting misty-eyed about his continued friendship with Diana, Melissa was headed further down a drug-filled rabbit hole (with Callum as her guide), and Cassie was back in the Clubhouse basement kicking up gusts similar to the ones Jake had saved her from and sent out a sinister, singular, whispered call to Mr. Blackwell, wherever he was:


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