Ryan Gosling Is On Demand For Valentine's Day

Ryan GoslingHey Girl,

Here's some Crazy, Stupid news that will Drive you nuts. The powers that be at Time Warner Cable are obviously monitoring our TV-viewing habits very closely, because they've catered their February schedule to perfectly reflect our hearts' deepest desires. In celebration of Valentine's Day, the company is launching Ryan Gosling on Demand. We'll just let that sink in...

According to LAWeekly, TWC is offering eight of the actor's fine films for your viewing pleasure: "Remember the Titans," "Murder by Numbers," "The Notebook," "Fracture," "Lars and the Real Girl," "Crazy, Stupid, Love," "The Ides of March" and "Drive." (And before you say it, LAWeekly already pointed out the curious omission of "Blue Valentine," the one movie that actually has the holiday's name in its title...)

The only question that remains is which one I'll pick. (I'm limiting myself to a single selection. 2012 is the year of self control). Out of all eight, the only flick I haven't seen is "Lars and the Real Girl," but I just can't support Bearded Baby Goose. Why would you cover up that pretty face? I already own "The Notebook" on DVD, so no need to waste my dollars on that one. I've always contended that "Fracture" is an under-rated classic, but I think my two hours will be spent re-relishing Ryan's strong silent getaway man in "Drive." If anything in his oeuvre is worth a repeat viewing, it's got to be this violent thriller.

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