Peep Pics From Ryan Kwanten's 'New Girl' Cameo!

This morning, the internet fairy brought us the best gift ever: some sneak-peek pics of Ryan Kwanten's upcoming appearance on "New Girl"! And if you've been missing Ryan's glistening pecs adorable face in these long, cold months without "True Blood," then take note: Fox released a whopping 10 (TEN!) delicious stills from the show, which depict the actor in various stages of flirtation with Zooey Deschanel.

The bad news: He's wearing clothes in all of them. (Boo!)

The good news: There's not a T-shirt in the universe that could hide the glory of those beautiful biceps. (YAY.)

It's hard to say exactly what's going down between Ryan and Zooey as the photos progress—it looks like they meet in a bar setting, proceed to a group hangout and then move into deal-sealing territory with a smooch on the couch? (Although we can say, with authority, that there appears to be a grilled cheese sandwich involved in a significant way.) But since we know in advance that this Valentine's Day episode features Ryan as a would-be one night stand for the pretty-but-awkward Zooey, it's probably safe to say that this collection of stills is just a precursor to some steamier scenes. Possibly of the shirtless variety. Please. Thank you.

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