The CW Joins Dystopian Trend With 'The Selection' Adaptation

The SelectionWith "One Tree Hill" set to wrap up forever after its ninth and final season, The CW is looking for a few good shows to fill the primetime drama slot.

The Hollywood Reporter has news that the network has given the green light to three new shows, and one of them might ring a bell or two for fans of a certain dystopian series featuring love, loss and a lottery for fortune and glory. Sounds familiar, no? But don't worry, "The Hunger Games" isn't getting the small-screen treatment (after all, we haven't even gotten our first peek at the blockbuster movie yet), but "The Selection"—one of three pilots picked up by the network—is following in the footsteps of the famous trilogy, with its vision of a war-torn future, a forbidden love triangle tinged with class tensions and one complicated heroine whose future hangs in the balance.

Based on the trilogy-to-be by Kiera Cass, the plot of "The Selection" reads like the setup for "The Bachelor" with a dystopian twist: 35 girls are selected to compete for the affections of a handsome, aristocratic prince, a competition that promises wealth, happiness and an escape from the lifetime of poverty and struggle that most citizens face. And considering how quickly the rights to the story were snapped up (the first book in the series doesn't even hit shelves until April 2012), we're thinking that The CW might be on to something with their rush to bring this drama to life. And could one of the girls who lost out in her bid for the role of Katniss Everdeen perhaps find a happy home as heroine America Singer?

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