Ashley Greene Talks Post-'Twilight' Plans

Ashley GreeneIf you've been missing Ashley Greene since the latest Cullen family drama stopped playing in theaters, here's a chance to catch up with the actress while you wait for "Breaking Dawn" on DVD: She's gracing the cover of Lucky magazine's March issue and sharing a little insight on where she'll land next once the "Twilight" train stops running for good.

After working for years to get a big break, landing the role of Alice Cullen catapulted Ashley from relative obscurity to the Hollywood big leagues—a shift that she's very aware of when she talks about how her career aspirations have changed.

"Basically I went from dying to get a gig, to dying to get the gig everyone wants,” she said. “So now I’m in this realm with a lot of highly respected actresses, which is an amazing place to be, but also kind of terrifying."

And the one thing she won't do is squander her opportunity at stardom with silly distractions. Or, in other words, her love life is officially on hold for the foreseeable future.

"I’m so laser-focused on my career, because when you’re dealt these cards, if you don't kind of run with it, then you’re an idiot,” she explained. “You gotta take advantage of what you’ve been given."

But while she's essentially a household name these days, the actress is also still learning as she goes—particularly when it comes to holding her own at A-list events, one of which went from style dream to slapstick nightmare in a matter of seconds:

"I wore a dress with boning that was zipped so tight it bruised my rib cage," she said. "It made this beautiful tiny-waist silhouette with a kind of Old Hollywood glamour, but I could barely walk. To accept the award, I basically had be to carried up the stairs. And then I had to go to the bathroom, but when I got there I realized I couldn't unzip the dress and I couldn't pull it up. And I was already in the stall, which is the worst because then everything’s ready to go! Oh and also my feet were numb because I was wearing these ridiculously high Brian Atwood heels that were beautiful but—it was just the most painful experience ever! I had to wait through the rest of the ceremony and then rush home afterward."

And if you're looking to learn an important lesson from Ashley's misfortune, she's got it ready and waiting: "So you should always make sure you can go to the bathroom before you go out."

That's good advice, y'all. Ashley and our mom can't both be wrong.

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