Watch 'This Means War' Star Reese Witherspoon's First MTV Interview From 1991!

Before she faced a formidable "Fear," or dyed her hair "Legally Blonde," or learned to "Walk the Line," starlet Reese Witherspoon was just a Southern teen cutting her acting teeth on her first film role: the 1991 romantic drama "The Man in the Moon." And in anticipation of our upcoming MTV First: This Means War (airing Tuesday at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV), we took a trip to the MTV vault to unearth this long-lost clip of Reese talking about that early role—all the way back in 1991. (So, like, before some of you were even born!)

With a now almost-non-existent twang and a self-assuredness rare for most teens, the 15-year-old dished about why she got into acting. "I just thought, I always wanted to do something really outgoing 'cause when I was little I was really kind of quiet, but you know, I'd always be really creative at home and stuff, and finally I started, you know, speaking out and doing little things to impress everybody," she recalled.

So the youngster went about honing her craft, discovering along the way that acting was, indeed, her calling. "I started taking little acting classes and improv classes and, you know, [that] turned out to be what I was going to do," she said. "I was always going to do something really out there, really far away. Does that make any sense? No, not really."

An Oscar later, we're pretty sure she made the right decision.

Don't miss Reese talking all things "This Means War" (her upcoming rom-com co-starring the always-hunky Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) on Tuesday at 7:56 p.m. ET on MTV. Following the on-air segment, the actress and MTV News' Josh Horowitz will take their 30-minute interview online to

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