A New International 'Mirror Mirror' Trailer? Snow Way!

Mirror MirrorWe hope you haven't already taken your Fairytale Whimsy Pills today, because otherwise, this next thing might just send you into overload: the full-length international trailer for "Mirror Mirror" is here, and it's delivering a dose of Twee so powerful that even the grumpiest of codgers can't watch it without getting the warm-and-fuzzies.

The new trailer re-introduces us to the film's big, bold cast of characters—including a sweet 'n' sassy Snow White (played by pretty, pretty Lily Collins, who manages to make even the most ill-advised headpiece look charming), a murderous, commanding queen (Julia Roberts, looking just a tad too thrilled at her first role as a cackling villainess), a deliciously robust Prince Charming (Armie "putting the 'HAM' in" Hammer, who's clearly enjoying his first stab at slapstick comedics) and a number of high-octane little persons armed with ninja skills and accordion stilts.

And for anyone who still wasn't sure just what we'd be getting from this comic-inclined version of the classic fairytale, this latest, longest trailer leaves little doubt about what to expect when it his theaters in March: namely, extravagant candy-colored costumes, colorful characters, rapid-fire shenanigans and lots of playing for laughs.

Watch the trailer below!

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