Matt Bomer Warms Up For A Guest Role On 'Glee'

Darren Criss Matt BomerOf all the roles Matt Bomer will be playing in the coming year, the one we're most excited for is...well, okay, obviously it's his live, nude stint as a beefcakey stripperman in "Magic Mike." (You can't argue with those pecs, my friend. Don't even try.) But our second most-excited-for role of Matt's is a small-screen guest spot that he's thisclose to sealing the deal on: playing the part of Blaine's older (and, dare we say, hotter) brother on an upcoming episode of "Glee"!

TVLine has the scoop on Matt's likely appearance, which is slated for April, and which will mark the first appearance of a Blaine-related character on the show.

Matt is most recognizable these days from his role on USA's "White Collar," where he plays a criminal-catching con artist working for the FBI, and it'll be great to see him bring his particular brand of sleazy-sexy charm to the halls of McKinley High. And while yes, we're still a teensy bit more excited for that movie where Matt dances on stage with no clothes on than we are for his cameo on "Glee," it will be almost as exciting to see him singing while fully dressed.


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