'Hunger Games' Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson Are Musically Minded

Fans have been jumping on news about the original score for "The Hunger Games," ever since the first whispered rumor that Jennifer Lawrence herself would be singing a song on the film's soundtrack—an appropriate level of enthusiasm considering how much music becomes the language of the Panem revolution. So it's no surprise that the stars of the film, all "Hunger Games" fans themselves, are also a seriously musical bunch.

"Music is a huge part of my life," Josh Hutcherson confirmed when @vic_rendueles asked via our fan question call whether the "Hunger Games" actors shared their characters' enthusiasm and which music inspired them in their work. "If I feel off for a couple of days, chances are I've not been listening to enough music—it's that important to me. But I listen to everything from '60s rock and roll to the Arctic Monkeys to the Black Keys to dubstep, so it's literally full-on schizophrenic, my music taste"

And Jennifer Lawrence, professing her love for talented instrumentalists like the Black Keys and Jack White, confessed that she's as psyched for the soundtrack as she is for the Games themselves: "I'm really looking forward to the musical part of the movie; T-Bone Burnett is producing it, and he's the best in the world, so I'm really looking forward to that."

As are we! Because with a soundtrack featuring not just Jennifer's vocal chops, but also the stylings of Taylor Swift, Arcade Fire, The Secret Sisters and The Decemberists, this is one album we'd keep on loop even if the movie turned out to be a stinker. (Not that it possibly could, but...you know.)

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Are you excited to hear Jennifer sing in "The Hunger Games"?