Katherine Heigl's 'One For The Money' Is One For The Guys, Too

by Christina Garibaldi

Katherine Heigl has become the queen of rom-coms. With a resume that includes, "27 Dresses," "Life As We Know It," and "New Years Eve," you know you are in for a perfect ladies' night out when you see a Katherine Heigl flick.

But what if you are bringing your boyfriend to the movies this weekend? Well, don’t worry ladies, you can bring your boys along to see Katherine’s new movie, "One For the Money." She promised us!

"I wouldn’t qualify it as a romantic comedy. It’s got that and it’s got comedy, but it’s mostly about this sort of murder mystery undertone that keeps it moving and keeps the pace going," Katherine told MTV News at the New York premiere. "I always feel like I’m selling it to men, like there’s explosions and there’s shooting. You’re gonna like it too, I promise."

Still not convinced? Well, let’s take some advice from her love interest in the flick, Jason O’Mara.

"I think if the guys come and see it, there’s gonna be lots in it for them. This is not a frilly romantic comedy," he said. "With all due respect to Katie’s past work, this is not "27 Dresses." There’s something kind of edgy, something kinda blue collar about this that gives it a bit of a realism, and I think it’s cool. Whether you’re male or female I think you’re gonna have a good time."

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