Liam Hemsworth To Star In 'Timeless'... And A Lot Of Other Things

Liam HemsworthLiam Hemsworth is getting a whole lot of action these days! And when we say "action," we mean...well, actually we mean it in both the literal sense of the word and also in the sense that Liam's sudden popularity as a leading man has him snogging a whole lot of Hollywood ladies on-screen. But fortunately, the latest film that Liam's signed on to doesn't have to make the distinction between the action of love and action, period—and we don't have to burn out our heads trying to decide whether it's one or the other, which is nice.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that the actor is officially on board for "Timeless," in which he'll play a heartbroken scientist (love action!) who tries to build a time machine (science action!) to turn back the clock after his wife tragically dies (science action, but in the name of love!).

We haven't seen Liam getting schmoopy since his turn in "The Last Song," so it'll be nice to see him in what sounds like a great sci-fi romance. But if you prefer the gun-toting, butt-stomping Liam to the sensitive, tormented one, you'll have your pick of high-octane flicks in which to enjoy his Hemsworthiness. Not only can you catch him in "The Hunger Games" this March, but he's also completed filming on the military drama "AWOL" and is currently at work on "The Expendables 2." And starring opposite Dwayne Johnson in the still-to-be-completed "Empire State." And playing Ali Baba in the 2014 supernatural action flick "Arabian Nights." And probably five other things we don't even know about! Because he's very busy and important.

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