Daniel Radcliffe Gets In His Punches In After Hours Outtakes!

Do you enjoy punching, English accents, punching, U.S. history trivia, people who can't/won't dance on command, and punching? Then perhaps you will enjoy these outtakes from our "After Hours" with Josh Horowitz and Daniel Radcliffe, which contains all of these things at the same time. It's like a buffet of Radcliffian hijinks! And also, punching!

Meanwhile, this collection of never-before-seen clips has provided us with vital new information about the Enigma That Is Daniel Radcliffe—and also solves many mysteries of the natural world! Following: a complete list of things we now know, thanks to the discovery of this previously un-aired footage.

1. Daniel Radcliffe is a "Fight Club" fan.

2. Daniel Radcliffe's preferred fighting technique is the same sidehand swat that my cat uses to slap me in the face for buying off-brand kibble.

3. It doesn't matter where you're from, "E.T." is obviously and always the greatest Spielberg movie ever made.

4. Donald Trump is kind of a self-important dude.

5. Okay, that wasn't actually new information.

6. But Daniel's impression of him was fairly spot-on!

7. Even with a posh English accent, you cannot say the words "cat daddy" without sounding like a pervert.

Watch the original "American Talk: Ghost Protocol" below!

How did you like this fragmented collection of clips from our last late-night hangout with Daniel?