'Warm Bodies' Star Teresa Palmer Says Nicholas Hoult Is 'So Beautiful To Work With'

Because there's nothing—NOTHING!—in this world that we love more than a boy-meets-girl story in which the boy is not technically, you know, alive, we are super-duper-psyched right now for the summer release of the zombified romance, "Warm Bodies." (Possible alternative title: "Night of the Loving Dead".) And when we caught up with Teresa Palmer (the lady half of the film's dead-alive couple) at the Sundance Film Festival, it was delightful to see that the actress's enthusiasm about the movie is a dead-on mirror image of our own.

"I'm so excited about this movie!" she gushed, looking positively giddy as soon as Josh Horowitz mentioned it. And in fact, it sounds like she's excited about it for all the same reasons that everyone is excited about it:

"I'm just excited to see how Nicholas Hoult comes across on the screen," she said. "He's so beautiful to work with."

Which is not surprising, since Nicholas Hoult is beautiful, period. In every way. Even when he's wearing weird prosthetic feet, or covered in blue fur or smoldering at us from underneath a thin layer of gray-complected zombie cosmetics! But he's not just a pretty face; his co-star can't say enough about his acting talent: "He does such an incredible performance. I mean, he was playing a zombie, so he can't really say much, but he was so expressive with his eyes."

And if you need another reason to check out "Warm Bodies" when it hits theaters in August...well, no. No, you don't. You just need to look at Nicholas Hoult's smolderface again and think really hard about your values. But nevertheless, we do have it on good authority that the post-apocalyptic landscape created by Jonathan Levine—who told us that the rich imagery and insular world of films like "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" was his inspiration for the look and feel of this project—is a sight to behold.

"The world that Jonathan Levine has set up is so epic, so interesting," said Teresa. "And it's always very cool when Jonathan Levine does something."

Click on the image above to see our entire gallery of "Warm Bodies" stills!

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